Benefits Of Using An Ab Wheel

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ab-roller-wheel-workoutThe unflashy, simple ab wheel is often dismissed. However, this simple ab machine has incredible benefits that may surprise you.  First of all, the ab wheel will help strengthen and tone your abdominal muscles and was designed to also help strengthen the lower back. You need strong back muscles to ensure you are properly executing the correct form and getting the most benefit from your ab workout. Having a strong core will also help improve breathing and posture. A lot of people really enjoy using an ab wheel because it is more challenging and different from the typical and boring crunches, which can actually cause your stomach to pop out.

After working out with an ab wheel, you will start feeling the burn in about the first two minutes of your workout and only need to perform these exercises for about 5 minutes. Of course, as your abs and lower back become stronger, you will be able to add more time to give your body more of a challenge as you become stronger.

The ab wheel not only works your core and lower back, but also works and strengthens your shoulder muscles, chest, and arms. If you have little strength in the upper part of your body, using an ab wheel will help strengthen your shoulders, chest and upper arms for sure. If you want six pack abs and a stronger back this is an awesome way to help your reach that goal, however, like any other exercise you need to be dedicated and consistent. You cannot expect to reach your goal if you give up and don’t work at it.

Ab Wheel Workout Tips:

Ab Roller WheelWhen you first start using the ab wheel you can roll out just a little and increase a little further out each time and as your body becomes stronger, you will be able to go out the entire way. You can also increase reps at your own pace and intensity that works for you. Going in a slower motion will also increase the intensity of your workout.

Ab Roller Wheel - Duel Wheel

The best ab wheel to use is one that has a wider base to assist with stability. Using an ab roller wheel with a single wheel can cause abdominal injury when it rocks side to side during the exercise. The most effective workout with the roller is a smooth, consistent, and fluid motion. Not a shaky and wobbly inconsistent flow. A wide based, duel wheel ab roller wheel is the best to use and will provide the best workout and rip for both beginners and advanced fitness buffs.

Purchasing an ab wheel is very inexpensive, but yet very effective. With today’s economy people don’t have a lot of extra money to spend on expensive fitness equipment or gym memberships. The ab wheel is a very affordable way to go and you will see the results if you stick with it.

Ab wheels are very small, so they are easy to store away when not in use and can easily be thrown in your suitcase when you are traveling. Ab wheel exercises can easily be performed in hotel room and any other area of a house without taking up a lot of space.

As you know, it is very hard when you miss a day of working out. We tend to get lazy and lose that drive even when we miss a single day. Most exercises take a lot of time to do and I know time is a problem for a lot of us. I always hear people say, “I don’t have time to work out, I am way to busy.” Well, with an ab wheel you only need about 5 minutes a day. I am sure every one of us can at least STOP for 5 minutes a day to make our bodies become healthy and strong. Ab wheels are so inexpensive, you can even buy two. One for home and one to keep at the office to use before lunch.

Ab Wheel Workout Resources:

Best Ab Wheel To Use


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