Exercise Bikes And Their Benefits

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Exercise bikes are great cardio exerciseExercise Bikes: Calorie Burner

Exercise bikes actually do have many benefits. A stationary bike is a great way to exercise, burn calories, and lose that unwanted fat. If you are on an exercise bike for 30 minutes, performing at a steady pace, at a weight of 155 pounds, you will burn 260 calories. You can increase calories burned by increasing your intensity level. The faster and harder you work, the more calories exercise bikes will burn.

Exercise Bikes: Friendly on the Joints/Low Impact

Many cardio and aerobic exercises are hard on your joints and knees. Exercise bikes are a great way to get your cardio in and get your heart pumping. Choosing a stationary bike for your next exercise will help alleviate any added stress on your joints and knees. Exercise bikes have also been proven to benefit people who are overweight. Using a stationary bike will reduce added stress to your hips, back, knees and ankles.

Exercise Bikes: Lowers Cholesterol Levels/Blood Pressure

Performing cardio exercise regularly will help reduce high blood pressure, cholesterol levels and will keep sugar levels regulated. One of the main benefits to using exercise bikes, is they will increase your good cholesterol levels and will lower your bad cholesterol. By lowering bad cholesterol, your arteries will result in less plaque build-up. Riding a stationary bike according to the Mayo Clinic helps your heart pump blood more efficiently, resulting in a healthier heart.

Exercise Bikes: Strengthens Leg and Thigh Muscles

Performing your next cardio exercise with an exercise bike will give your legs and thighs a great workout, including quadriceps and back of thigh. Each time you push down on the pedal it will work your quadriceps. In addition, each time you perform the pull motion, you are working your hamstrings.

Exercise Bikes: Leg Flexibility

Incorporating an exercise bike routine into your fitness regimen will also increase flexibility in your legs. This will result in less muscle strain, as well as resulting is less discomfort in your lower back area.

exercise bikes are a great workoutExercise Bikes: Weather Friendly

With a stationary bike it doesn’t matter if it’s raining, snowing, or storming. There is no worry if it’s too too hot or too cold. This is one of the greatest benefits of owning a stationary bike. Weather conditions are no longer an excuse to miss your workout any longer. You can perform your cardio exercise in the comfort of your own home, office or gym, without having to worry about the weather conditions.

Exercise Bikes: Workout While Watching Your Favorite TV Shows

Stop using the excuse that you can’t find any time to get your cardio in for the day. We all seem to fit in that 30 to 60 minutes to watch our favorite TV show after a long day. So, instead of laying on the couch crunching and munching, why not jump on that stationary bike and enjoy your favorite TV show and get healthy.

Final thought

If you are a beginner and just looking to start an exercise routine, this is a great place to start. If you have a hard time getting yourself motivated and are afraid of not being able to perform the exercise, this is a great start for beginners. Your body will be working hard, but at the same time you can be watching your favorite TV show or movie to keep the motivation going. You will not even realize you are exercising.


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