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I know that one of the biggest excuses not to work out for a lot of people, is the simple fact that we are too tired. We all have long days working and taking care of our families.  Most days we are just too exhausted and have no more energy left. I feel your pain, believe me! In order for you to take good care of your family, you need to take some time out of the day to take care of yourself. Whether you are a mom, dad or just a single person we all need to STOP for just a few minutes to take care of ourselves, do a little workout and be healthy. You  can all uExercise clears your mind and helps you relax.

Foods That Will Boost Your Energy:

There are many different foods that you can eat that will give you the boost of energy you need to get through a workout and your hectic daily schedule. You will be amazed at the difference you will feel after eating some of these energy foods. By simply adding these things to your diet, you can get that boost of energy you have been missing. You need to eat foods that are loaded with Vitamin B. Vitamin B in the foods we eat will boost your energy level at an amazing rate. Eating foods that contain vitamin B will give you amazing energy in a natural way. Stop taking those five hour energy drinks or reaching for that soda that is loaded with caffeine. How about grabbing a vitamin B enriched treat instead? When you grab those energy drinks and sodas, a short time later your body crashes and you feel worse than before you took them. This leaves you feeling sluggish and just plain old blah.

Food That Will Give You Energy Cookbook


Food That Will Give You Energy - Whole Grains


Whole Grains Is A Food That Will Give You Energy:

Brown rice, whole wheat pasta, oatmeal, couscous, quinoa and millet are all great whole grain foods that will both boost your metabolism and give you the energy you need to get through your day. Your body relies on carbohydrates to give your body energy. Carbohydrates to our body is like gas is to a car. Carbohydrates gives us fuel to keep us going the same way gas keeps our cars going. Whole grain foods can also be used in different healthy recipes, for example, stews and salads. You can also use whole wheat breadcrumbs on chicken, pork etc.

Food That Will Give You Energy - FRUITS


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Fruit Is A Food That Will  Give You Energy :

Fruit is a great snack to help boost your energy between meals. The natural sugar that is found in all fruit will boost your energy levels.  Frozen fruit is also a great option and can be used to make smoothies in the morning or just as a snack though out the day. Smoothies are easy and quick to make. Fruits are also loaded with vitamin C and fiber, which will help with mental clarity during the day. If you have mental clarity, you will feel physically and mentally better. Most of need our energy boosted first thing in the morning and making a smoothie or a piece of fruit is the perfect way to start your day. Melon’s, cherries, white grapes, oranges and strawberries are very popular choices.

Food That Will Give You Energy - Herbs and Spices


Spicy Herbs In Food That Will Give You Energy:

Spicy herbs like cayenne pepper are not only great for adding extra flavor to your meal, but great for boosting your energy too. Peppers add flavor naturally to any meal without having to use a lot of unhealthy oils and fats. If you don’t have fresh pepper or other spicy herbs, the powdered spices can give you the same benefits.

Food That Will Give You Energy - Veggies


Broccoli and Other Green Veggies Is A Food That Will Give You Energy : 

Many of you may not realize this, but if your body doesn’t get enough iron, this can result in the lack of energy. Broccoli and other green veggies will give you the iron you need naturally, so make sure you include lots of green, leafy veggies in your diet to keep your iron levels up. Spinach and collard greens are great choices. When you choose your green veggies, just keep in mind that the darker green the better. For example: Making the choice to eat romaine lettuce over iceberg is the better choice.

Food That Will Give You Energy Cookbook


Final Thoughts About Food That Will Give You Energy:

If you are feeling sluggish and have a lack of energy, try to incorporate these foods into your diet to boost your energy levels. A few simple changes in your diet can make you feel better and give you the energy you need. This is just an overview of great energy foods. Get the full guide of 35 Energy Foods That Give You Energy! This Report will show how to feel energized all day long using food and snacks. Learn how to ELIMINATE energy drinks and quick boosters that crash and make you sluggish when they wear off. Get Your Free Copy Here!


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