Pilates Workouts For Plus Size Women

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Pilates Workouts For Plus Size WomenLet’s face it, any kind of exercise can be intimidating, especially if you are overweight or have a little extra pounds on your frame. Many people think that Pilates is only for lean people, but that is simply not true. Larger women feel uncomfortable and feel like they will not, “fit in”, taking a Pilates class. They also feel that Pilates workouts cannot help them because they are too large. This is a major misconception. Pilates is a great exercise regimen for larger sized people with many benefits. The Pilates style is  very versatile and is designed for all ages, shapes, and sizes. If you are dead set against joining a class, there are Pilates instructors that will do a private lesson with you until you are comfortable. You can always increase your confidence by starting a Pilates workout routine at home first.

Pilates Workouts And Benefits

We all are aware that Pilates has many benefits. Those benefits are not just for those fitness models on all the Pilates workouts literature. Pilates will help support your organs and spine by strengthening your core and will help the coordination of the muscles. When you have a strong core you will improve your posture, which will result in relieving stress on the muscles and joints. Pilates is also a great way to reduce back pain, which many overweight people have.

pilates-workouts-overwight-women pilates-workout-ball

Pilates exercises are primarily performed by lying down on the floor or on a Pilates mat (Standard Grade Pilates MatHigh Grade Pilates Mat). Some exercises are performed by sitting on the floor or while down on your knees. This is why Pilates is such a great workout for plus sized women. People who are larger in size tend to have a much harder time standing for long periods of time and have a much tougher time shifting their body weight. Performing Pilates exercises will be easier on your body and your body will have much less stress. There are many modifications that can made to fit your fitness abilities. A certified instructor will be able to show you effective exercises that you can do as you gradually improve your endurance and strength. You can also start your Pilates workout program at home with a Pilates for plus size people home workout system. Sometimes Pilate exercises are performed on special machines, using these machines sometimes will help you reach your fitness goals by strengthening your muscles.

One of the most effective machines used for Pilates workouts is called the Pilates reformer. This is a great piece of equipment. This piece of equipment is very sturdy and made of strong springs, heavy duty wood, metal and leather straps. There is no need to worry about these machines being strong enough to hold you! They are professional grade machines and very durable. These are also great for a home gym.

pilates reformer machine

What is a Reformer?

Pilates Reformer: Looks like a bed like frame with a flat platform. The platform is called the carriage. The carriage rolls back and forth on wheels and is designed to strengthen your muscles, ligaments, and your joints. A reformer is also designed to improve flexibility and balance. The motion of pushing and pulling your body weight is what makes the Pilates reformer a very good exercise machine.

Final Pilates Workout Thoughts For Plus Size Women

Many overweight or plus sized women are intimidated by any kind of fitness class. Fitness classes can be intimidating to the average sized person as well. All fitness programs will take dedication, time and patience. Set achievable goals for yourself. If you set unrealistic goals, you may become discouraged and will give up easily. Make sure your goals are realistic and reachable. If you decide to go the Pilates route, make sure you are committed, After all, you can always take a one on one class with an instructor until you get the confidence you need to join a fitness class. Or start at home with ###Pilates workout mat and an at home Pilates workout DVD.

Pilates Workout Equipment

 Pilates Workout matPilates Workout Mat
Pilates Workout RingsPilates Workout Rings

Pilates Reformer
Pilates Reformer
Pilates Workout Set DVD Mat ComboPilates Workout Mat / DVD Combo Set

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