Pilates Workouts Have Many Benefits!

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Pilates is a great refreshing mind and body workout. This type of exercise will help you become in tune to your body. You become in tuned to your body by simply learning to breathe correctly, proper pelvic and spinal alignment and learning to concentrate on smooth, flowing movements with your body. Pilates actually is more effective by the quality of movements you perform rather than the quantity. In other words it is much more effective to use proper technique, rather than repeating too many reps and getting sloppy, using bad technique. This is true with all exercise programs. Pilates has many benefits!

Pilates Has Many Benefits Including Reducing Stress Levels

Using Pilates breathing techniques can actually reduce your everyday stress. Taking deep breaths in and releasing is a huge stress management tactic that has been used for years. When you take these deep breathes in and release, your body is able to relax. Therefore your mind and body becomes relaxed. When your mind and body are both relaxed, this will relieve tension and reduce stress that you may have during your hectic life. Believe me, you will notice a real difference.

pilates workoutsDevelops a Strong Core

Pilates  helps to develop a strong core, and will also strengthen your lower back, hips and thighs. Pilates will  improve flexibility, balance, posture and stability. All of these things together will build the strong core you have been looking for.

Full Body Exercise

Pilates is a full body workout. Even though Pilates focuses mainly on the core, it builds strong muscles in all parts of the body and mind. This type of exercise is designed to strengthen and balance your body from your head all the way down to your toes.

pilates workouts 45 day challenge

For All Fitness Levels

Pilate’s exercises can be used by just about anyone. There are so many variations of exercises and so many modifications that you can do to adjust to your fitness level. Not only can you modify these exercises, but you also can challenge yourself with harder variations and challenge yourself as you keep becoming stronger.


pilates fitness workoutsBuilds Strong Lean Muscles

Do you ever worry about getting too muscular? Some of you may be worried about that. What Pilates does is build toned muscles without the bulk, which will give you long, lean muscles. Pilates will build your strength without your muscles becoming too bulky.

Increase Energy Level

This type of fitness will increase your energy level. Pilates is a form of moving meditation, which will help to calm your mind and body to reduce your daily stress. Pilates helps to deepen the connection between body and mind which will also improve focus. Buy increasing our overall fitness, we build more stamina, which gives us energy. Exercise should not exhaust you, instead it should just energize you and give you lots of energy so you can have fun and enjoy life.


Fun Final Facts about Pilates Workouts

Stress reliever
Improve posture
Strengthens core
Caters to everyone
Breathing is a must
Quality over quantity
Improves agility
Improves balance
Improves flexibility
Will change your body
Will improve strength
Requires concentration
Improves coordination
Works the Body from head to toe
Increase mind and body awareness
One hour of Pilates will burn calories all day

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