Tricep Arm Workouts

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Flabby Tricep Muscles? Do you have nicely defined biceps, but just can’t seem to get rid of those flabby triceps? This is a problem area for a lot of people. Not to worry, there are many tricep arm workouts that will help define and tone those tricep muscles.

What Is Your Tricep Muscle?

The tricep is the largest muscle on your arms and the primary job of your tricep muscle is to straighten your arm and extend the elbow joint. Many people believe that performing bicep curls alone will give you those huge guns that will busting out of your shirt. The truth is that you need to focus more on the tricep muscle than the biceps. There are many tricep arm workouts that you can try.

According to a men’s health fitness advisor, BJ Gaddour.  Your tricep muscles are made up of more than two-thirds of your upper-arm mass. You need to build thicker tricep muscles which, will make your arms look even more defined. Your arms will have the appearance of a shotgun, rather than a pistol. Try some of these tricep arm workouts below.

Tricep Arm Workouts

Tricep Arm Workouts - DipsDips:
Performing dips is a great tricep arm workout. Dips are fairly easy, however you will start feeling the burn right away. There is no need for any fitness equipment, however using a fitness bench or dip bar is a great addition to performing this workout. You can do this dip exercise simply by using a stable couch or chair. To challenge yourself even more, you can place a weight in your lap and begin this workout. You will find that this is one of the most effective tricep arm workouts out there.

To perform this workout just set your arms on a chair or bench behind your back, lower yourself down until your arms are at a 90 degree angle.  Drive arms all the way back to a locked position. It is very important to keep your body in an upright position. Repeat in sets until you cannot do another one.


Tricep Arm Workouts - PushdownsPushdowns:
This is one of the most highly used tricep arm workouts by fitness trainers. Just about every trainer uses this workout. Pushdowns are the number one workout in the world for your tricep muscles. You will find this to be a very effective workout. This is easy to perform. All you need is a rope, bar or resistance band and a sturdy place to attach.

To begin, grab handle or resistance band, start with your arms bent at elbow and extend arm straight down. Repeat in sets until you cannot perform anymore. You can increase the intensity by adding weights or buying several different resistant bands that have different resistance levels. (Get Resistance Bands Kit On eBay)


Tricep Arm Workouts - Overhead PressOverhead Extensions:
With this tricep arm workout, only a dumbbell is needed. This is another one of the great  to help get rid of that unwanted flabby arm fat. You can perform this exercise using both hands or if you prefer you can work out one arm at a time.

To begin, grab your dumbbell. Hold with both hands, your arms extended over your head and bend at elbows behind your back. Repeat as many sets as you can. Be sure to use a weight that is comfortable for you. As you become stronger you can always increase the weight amount you are using. (See Dumbells on eBay)


Tricep Arm Workouts - Diamond Push UpsDiamond Pushups:
This is an awesome and effective push up, a little different from the typical push up. Performing diamond push- ups will target the tricep muscles. The difference between a regular push up and a diamond push up is basically the hand position. Performing a regular push up your hands are pretty far out and a diamond push up, your hands are placed really close in to your body. Because of the position of how your hands are placed this is working a totally different area of the arms, which is your tricep muscle. This is yet another one of those awesome tricep arm workouts.

To begin this exercise. Put your hands on ground like you are going to do a regular push up. But, instead of placing your arms far apart, place your arms close into your body.  Instead of putting palms open on floor, make a diamond shape with your hands placing your hands on floor right underneath you. You will feel those tricep muscles working hard. Do as many as you can in sets.

Triceps Workout Equipment

Tricep Arm Workouts – Resources:

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