What is CrossFit Training?

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Crossfit TrainingPeople are always asking me “What is CrossFit training and how is it different from the other workouts we hear about?” Well, I am here to help you understand what exactly CrossFit training is. This type of training is very hard core to say the least and was created to build conditioning and strength, giving you extreme challenges through many different types of exercises. CrossFit does not specialize or focus on one particular thing and each day will challenge a different area of strength and conditioning capability. CrossFit is a full body workout that combines training your core, weight lifting, cardio and gymnastics, all in one. The idea is to build a strong body that can do just about everything and anything, including any challenge that you may not be expecting.

CrossFit is used by Police Academies, Military Forces, Martial Artists and Professional Athletes around the world to ensure they get the best and most effective workout possible. A person that does CrossFit will most likely not do any of the same routines more than once a week, every day is different. Typically, CrossFit facilities are big warehouses and the workout time lasts anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour.

You may here a CrossFit trainer say “what is the WOD?” This is CrossFit terminology that means workout of the day. AMRAP is also a term you will hear a lot being used, which means (as many rounds as possible). For example: a sample WOD (workout of the day) could be a 100m run, two burpees, two deadlifts at 185lbs, and two pull ups. You would then complete all 4 exercises consecutively as many times as possible (AMRAP) within a 20 minutes period. Trust me, you will find yourself not only challenging friends and family, but challenging yourself as well and trying to do that one more round of exercises to prove to yourself that you can do it. That is the way you will continue to build your stamina and become stronger, by always pushing yourself to the next level.

Long Term Benefits Of Training

Some people may see amazing results and an increased fitness level in only a few weeks once they start CrossFit training, however these programs have been designed for you to be dedicated for a lifetime and continue to build your health and wellness for years to come. These workouts take lots and lots of dedication and commitment. Realistically, you will not get to your ten full potential physical skills in just a few weeks or even months. You not only have to work on CrossFit programs and exercise, but diet and lifestyle changes are a huge part. Diet and healthy eating are a definite factor to becoming strong and healthy.

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